Miss Bachelorettes Drink And Dare Lotto Game (36 Cards Per Pack)

Miss Bachelorettes Drink And Dare Lotto Game (36 Cards Per Pack)

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The object of the game is to accumulate points by successfully completing the dares.

How to Play: Have the Bachelorette distribute one lotto ticket to each partygoer. Partygoers may then reveal their hidden task. Each dare is worth a predefined point value. Points are only awarded upon successful completion of the dare. Once a dare is complete, the player may request another lotto ticket from the bachelorette. Should a player fail to complete the dare, the lotto ticket may be returned to the Bachelorette so that it may be distributed to another player. The player who accumulates the most points wins the game.

Time Limit Option: You may wish to attach a time limit to the performance of each dare.

Includes: 36 cards

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so much fun

gone to tons of bachelorette parties and is quickly getting sick of all the penis shaped mugs, straws, cakes or what not. So this game was a welcomed change and it was so, so much fun to play. Of course the winner got a bracelet with penises decorating it allover - but what the heck

Anonymous - October 28 2014

This game is fun

The bride to be managed to get a DUI right before her bachelorette party. She was so disappointed, she made a promise to herself never to have drink again, not even a beer. So after all the fun preparations all her girlfriends and i had arranged, she forced us to come over to her crib and play this drink or dare game instead. Of course the drinks she served where non alcoholic,,,, but i have to admit that the game was really fun. Plus i spared myself from a huge hangover the next day.

Anonymous - October 1 2014

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